The very unsexy topic of my skin disease

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It’s not a sexy or trending topic, but for me it is a big one. Apart form having red and inflamed skin, which is what most people notice the first time they see me, my eczema penetrates my life in many more ways than can be seen on the surface. And I think it is time to talk about it, even if it only means I can let of some steam.

My greatest annoyances?

  • Leaving dead skin everywhere. It’s so embarrassing!
  • Everyone has some well intended advice which is almost always utterly useless.
  • Scratching, creams, painful skin, sleepless nights… it can be very exhausting.
  • Pillow fights are a no-no 😦
  • Neither are sleepovers, unless you are determined to pay the price.
  • Blood stains on the bed linen and on my favourite shirts.
  • Scratching all the time and annoying others with the noise. I’m sorry, guys!
  • Hardly being able to use any cosmetics. Say goodbye to smokey eyes and hello to dead-looking hair!
  • Moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing and… well.. moisturizing. Fucking exhausting.

This is why I’ve written several posts about how the past few months my eczema has been kicking my butt and my struggles to kick back. I hope they are entertaining. If not, they will at least give you a nice peek into my daily struggles.

Happy reading!

This post was also published in Gaaf!, society magazine of the VMCE.


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